Marija on Shaw TV "Beach Sessions"

Marija Smolcic

Marija on Shaw TV "Beach Sessions"

MARIJA performs "Human Again" acoustic


Shaw TV "Beach Sessions" are Interviews & Performances with Independent Canadian Singers & Songwriters.

Interview and Song are on ShawTV Calgary Channel 10 Starting January 29th through to Febuary 6th.

Watch Marija and James perform "Human Again" acoustically after her interview with Phoenix at the Beach Audio Studio, Calgary AB.

Shaw TV dates and times Beach Sessions at The BEACH AUDIO STUDIO CALGARY

-          Tue.           Jan 31  9:30pm
-          Wed.         Feb. 1  2:30pm
-          Thur.         Feb. 2  4:30pm
-          Fri.             Feb. 3  11:30pm
-          Sun.           Feb. 5  4:30pm
-          Mon.         Feb. 6  11:30pm


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