REDFM 106.7 CALGARY Idol Contest!

REDFM 106.7 CALGARY Idol Contest!

Release of "Za mene"

Thanks to Calgary's Multicultural Station REDFM 106.7 , Croatian Station (Saturdays 9 am) Marija has recorded "Za Mene" at the Beach Audio Studio in Calgary!

"Za Mene" is now available on ITUNES, CDBABY and most outlets worldwide!

"Za Mene" is a Croatian song written by Marija taken from Her original Song "All this for me".

The Songs Lyrics are about her parents leaving everything behind to come to A foriegn Country and provide a better life for their kids.

They willcelebrate 50 years of Marriage this year!

Enjoy and THANK YOU to REDFM106.7 (Like them on Facebook!)



More great pictures at REDFM!


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